Join The Choir & Orchestra


The Chapel Praise choir is a place you will feel right at home if you like to sing. We meet on Wednesday nights in a room right behind the stage of the main auditorium. Rehearsal is generally from 6:30 PM until 8:00. One of the differences in the Chapel Praise choir and other choirs, for which may have been a member in another church, is that is considered a small group. It’s large enough to produce some really remarkable choral sounds, but small enough to know everyone there. It’s a great deal of fun to be a member as we are very informal, and we take the time each week to pray for each other and our families.

Our director in Diane Dawson, an accomplished choir director, children’s choir director, musician and pianist in her own right. Her planning and organizational skills make good use of all our rehearsal time together. She also directs the band (orchestra) and keeps our respective performances together.

If you have an interest in joining or just looking into Chapel Praise choir and band, stop by and see us on a Wednesday night or Sunday morning.

If you can carry a tune decently and consider yourself a S, A, T, or B, then this choir and orchestra family may be for you.